5 Tips How To Easily Add Smartphone iPhone Storage

How To Easily Add Smartphone iPhone Storage

Qwertyblog.net - Sometimes, some smartphones do not have a slot for an external memory card because the internal memory is quite large. However, we still need an external memory card to add storage. Examples like the iPhone. The internal memory offered by the iPhone is now quite large, ranging from 64 GB to 256 GB. However, if your iPhone version is old, storing photos, videos, applications, and music stored on the iPhone has a large capacity so that it makes the memory full to insert new files.

There are several ways to add iPhone internal memory without damaging the device or deleting all your files. Here's how to add to the iPhone's internal memory

Use cloud
You can use DropBox, Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive, Microsoft (MSFT) OneDrive or Apple's default service, Apple (AAPL) iCloud to manage your files in the cloud.

All of these services you can choose to depend on the amount of data that you will store in the file, some services require a monthly subscription.

On the iPhone itself, there is a feature called iCloud Photo Library. This feature allows you to save your photos in the cloud rather than on your iPhone. If you activate it, this feature will help you free up storage space. You can use storage for other purposes.

You can also use one of Google's features, Google Photos (GOOGL), which will give you unlimited free storage of photos, although the file size is slightly reduced. In addition, Google Play Music Manager and Amazon (AMZN) Cloud Drive allow you to download the entire music collection to the cloud and connect it to your iPhone.

Wireless Flash Drive

You can choose how to add iPhone's internal memory using the Wireless Flash Drive or media hub.

Wireless flash drives are equipped with Wi-Fi snap-ins and internal batteries. This device allows you to connect to other Wi-Fi devices to transfer files, stream HD videos and music, record and share videos or photos on or from your iPhone.

Use a flash drive

Connect external storage in the form of a flash drive to your iPhone so that your internal storage is wider. Flash storage works for your iPhone just like adding an external hard drive to your PC. Just connect the flash drive to the USB port or your iPhone connector.

With this flash drive, you can transfer data faster without using additional batteries, you can also automatically synchronize photos and videos from the camera and watch popular videos directly from your flash drive.

Remove old iPhone backups
Usually, some of you may have multiple backups on your iPhone that can take up a lot of storage space. Another way to free up storage space on your iPhone is to delete some old iPhone backups that you no longer need. Here's how:

Select the Settings menu and select General options.
Select Storage and iCloud Usage.
Select Manage Storage under the iCloud section to choose an old iPhone backup.
Select Delete Backup> Turn Off and Delete to deactivate and delete backup data on your iPhone.

Remove applications that are not used

Another way to add internal memory to the iPhone is to delete unnecessary applications.

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