The World's Best Moments of Technology in 2018

The World's Best Moments of Technology in 2018

2018 is almost over. Many unique moments occur in the electronic world this year. Starting from the release of new innovations to big company scandals.

These moments are not easily forgotten moments due to not giving effect to all netizens. What are some moments in the techno world? Let's remember together.

1. PlayStation Classic is presented

Sony understands how millennials really like old things. This was seen through their monitoring of the success of the Nintendo Entertainment System Mini that was successful in the market.

Following these matters, Sony also helped publish its version of the PlayStation Classic. By picking up formations from the original PlayStation, all gamers also shouted hysterically together.

2. Apple iPhone XS, the successor of the X series that is not liked

You could say 2018 is not the best year for Apple. Many of its products this year are considered insufficient to provide innovation and merely provide little modification. iPhone XS and XS Max are the proof.

The product trailer does not get a bit of ridicule and the number of dislike on YouTube exceeds 1,000. In fact, according to a number of sources, even XR is the one that sells in the market because it is perceived as the cheapest iPhone ever.

3. Introduction of folding phones by Samsung

The concept of this smartphone is not a new business in the techno world. Some companies have introduced it since last year, some have even marketed it, but Samsung has just announced a number of months ago. The announcement opened little attention from the public to witness the potential for the presence of folding cellphone technology that will give new colors to the mobile market.

4. Cellphone batteries that get a yellow card

2018 was also a test year for Samsung. Because the Galaxy S9 products they get a number of reports if the battery is exploding.

That became a big concentration in the eyes of the technology media because the explosion could be quite dangerous for the wearer. Shortly after that, it was Apple's turn to get an accident that the presence of the iPhone could explode.

5. The emergence of the Pocophone which damaged the market

In the world of the mobile industry, the name of the Xiaomi company has been quite well known and watched out by all its competitors because they can provide low-priced phones, but with high quality. However, this is not surprising compared to the presence of the Pocophone.

The name of the foreign cellphone suddenly appeared carrying a Snapdragon 835 chip with a price of only IDR 4 million, which for different mobile phones must reach more than IDR 8 million to get it. It's not wrong if all cellphone companies immediately bite their fingers.

6. iOS 12, returning the confidence of iPhone users to work on updates

Apple's iOS update is known to be infrequently considered to weigh on his cellphone. With extra modern features, not a few people don't like it because they slow down their cellphones and drain their batteries faster.

All that changed when the announcement of iOS 12 by Apple focused on the speed of cellphone performance. Many people try it and enjoy the smoothness of their iPhone which is also unique to other users to update.

7. The end of the path closes too, after a long time is really quiet

One more social media that finished his career in 2018, namely Path. The app that was excited among the youth of the 2012-2013 era had to block the server because of the rare presence of all active users. The closure of the Path is trailing the path of his colleague, Vine, who was closed in 2017.

At the height of the competition for the two software, they demanded each other to convince if in Indonesia there were no need for two applications. The results of the claim were won by Grab and made Uber software unusable here.

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