MindBlowing is developing what might not be possible

MindBlowing is developing what might not be possible

A technological breakthrough is something that humanity desires. Besides being a proof of era civilization, a breakthrough is a sign that there will be new useful things. Examples of electricity and lights are present in the 19th century.

Of course the breakthrough doesn't stop there. Every year people continue to strive to innovate and make new breakthroughs, and to use 2018, there are at least nine most exciting breakthroughs. Let's see this complete arrangement!

1. 3D Metal Printing

3D printing has been around for years. However, as time went on, 3D printing became more sophisticated until it was only able to print plastic objects, but also metal.

In 2017 alone, there has been 3D printing that can print from stainless steel. It is not impossible that a number of years ahead in almost every location can have it.

2. Artificial Embryos

Which was very much negotiated this year by scholars. At the University of Cambridge, there is research that successfully creates seeds without the need for sperm and egg cells, only stem cells. Of course this matter has become a number of people's debates. There are those who question playing God, there are those who ask how later the embryo situation will be.

3. Futuristic city

There is a project to foster a city that is fully fostered by the very latest technology. Named Quayside, the target of this project is to build a city that has a high-censored foundation until it can collect not a little data. Starting from air quality to noise levels made by people.

4. AI for everything

Artificial intelligence has become the main key to the success of large companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. The problem is that AI itself is quite expensive and in order to do that, the big companies are trying to make AI cheaper and reach a wider society. The advantage of using large-scale AI is economic improvement.

5. Dueling Neural Networks

This is a system that pits two AIs to compete with each other in the game of cats and mice with the concept of drawing. From this game, AI will continue to learn and can create a better work and better identify it.

6. Babylon-Fish Earbuds

Named the babel tower, the highest tower that almost reached God but was confused with God's will which processed human language. This technology is a translator technology and by using this earbud, you can immediately understand different languages ​​that have never been studied before. The real proof of this technology is the presence of Pixel Buds.

That's the latest technologies that are being developed in 2018 and are planned to be ready for the next few years. In your opinion, which technology will greatly affect human life?

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