Long vacation, beware of damage caused by car coupling

Some people have prepared calendars for the Christmas and New Year holidays in 2019. It's not uncommon for people to go on vacation in private vehicles. Besides being able to save money, vacation with private vehicles is much more fun because they make it easier to find tourist attractions.

But before going on vacation with family, you must know how to drive properly, especially for owners of manual cars. In a car, there is a term clutch whose movement is influenced by many components.

Clutch becomes an important point in a manual transmission car. The clutch function is nothing but help to speed up the transmission. The good coupling also gives a feeling of softness when shifting.

Couplings include several important components such as clutch pedals, clutch linings, clutch cables, sun visor or slopes and throat drums. If one component is damaged, the transmission ratio is not smooth.

Conscious or not, car users with manual transmissions often make mistakes when moving gears. This habit means that the manual car clutch is broken quickly.

Then, what types of habits should be avoided by manual motorists. Here's a summary.

Walking on the clutch pedal is not correct

The habit of pressing the clutch pedal can damage components that involve the clutch system. The truth is to fully press the clutch pedal and maintain the new transmission lever.

Then, the driver must remove the clutch pedal carefully and regularly.

Walk in half clutch

This habit is usually taken by drivers who face the uphill road. Walking in half of the clutch is planned so that the engine does not die in such conditions.

However, stepping on half of the clutch can produce a strong odor and make shoes thinner faster. For some conditions such as slope and reluctance to use the parking brake, there is no problem, but in traffic jams, avoid driving this way.

Walk frequently on the clutch pedal

This is certainly necessary to avoid the habit of walking too often on the clutch pedal. This causes easier use of trigger plates and clutch plates.

The position of the transmission gear does not match the speed of the car

Avoid driving when the gear ratio does not match the speed of the car. As often as possible the clutch is tormented in this condition, the tip can shorten the life of the clutch system components, as shown on the Daihatsu official website.

To avoid sudden clutch damage, it's best for regular vehicle owners to check and service regularly. (Micro)

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