How to Differentiate a Genuine Mobile Phone from a copy

How to Differentiate a Genuine Mobile Phone from a copy

More and more days, more and more smartphone products on the Indonesian market. Starting from the price of the most expensive to the cheap one also exists. Unfortunately, not all smartphones on the market today are made by manufacturers or just replicas (a kind of fake smartphone).

Although most replica smartphones don't have a noticeable difference from the original smartphone, but there are some things that you can recognize from a replica smartphone! Here are some of them.

1. The replica smartphone is very cheap on average

Never did you find a flagship smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy Note9 or the iPhone X, the price is only around 2 or 3 million. Even though the original, the price of the smartphone-smartphone price tag can be up to 10 million, you know!

Well, if you find a smartphone flag with a cheap price like that, don't immediately trust and buy. Because, it is clear the fake alias replica smartphone.

2. If you want to be careful, there is always a 'defect' on the replica smartphone body

Even though the replica smartphone body is identical to the original smartphone, there must always be a 'flaw'. That is, if you want to be careful before buying there must be a strange form aka not similar to the original smartphone. For example, the position of the audio jack or camera position or flash.

3. Check your smartphone IMEI number

As long as you know, every smartphone must have their own serial number IMEI number. Well, when you buy a smartphone, especially a cheap one (even though it was originally expensive), you must check the IMEI number on your smartphone by pressing the * # 06 # on the smartphone.

If it appears, then you can match the IMEI number displayed on the smartphone screen with the one in the sales box. You can also check your smartphone IMEI number on the site at

4. The camera feature can't lie

So, when you buy a cheap flagship smartphone that (he said) is original, try to test the quality of the camera. Cameras from the original flagship smartphone must be of high quality, different from the quality of the camera from a replica smartphone.

You can also test the authenticity of a flagship smartphone from its photo metadata. So, when moved to a laptop or PC, most photos will display exif alias metadata that displays complete information about the smartphone. Starting from the model and camera maker.

5. Let more afdhol, use a third party application to check the authenticity of your smartphone

In addition to the methods above, you can also make sure your smartphone is authentic or replica using the help of third-party applications, such as AnTuTu Benchmark or CPU-Z. For AnTuTu, usually when used it will display the test results in the form of data and performance.

Well, if the results are different from the original specifications, then you should be suspicious. Meanwhile, if the CPU-Z application will help you find out information and specifications about the smartphone.

In the CPU-Z application, you can compare information from a smartphone with information from the vendor's official website or other internet site that has reviewed it. How, it's easy not to know whether the smartphone that you bought (or just bought) is original or replica?

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