Most Secure Chat Application in the World

Most Secure Chat Application in the World

A survey institution that operates in all the world, Amnesty International has released a list of messaging software aka messages that are felt to be the safest. The messaging applications are felt to be the safest because it offers end-to-end encryption features that can make your chat activities difficult to hack or hack.

From the results of the survey and analysis of the institution, there are seven message software that are considered the safest and not easily hacked. The applications between different are:

1. WhatsApp

Based on information from the survey, messaging software that has collected 2 billion users is complained of having the best peace of mind features. The reason is, only WhatsApp users are warned if the end-to-end encryption feature is not applied to certain chats.

With the encryption feature integrated user can be able to predict what conversations they should talk about on WhatsApp. So it's safer right?

Fyi, the WhatsApp encryption feature is also considered better if compared to the Facebook Messenger encryption feature (a messaging application also created by Facebook). Facebook Messenger is deemed not to realize the end-to-end encryption feature by default, to the point that making the message software complained is not too suitable to be used for confidential chat.

2. iMessage

Apple's application message is also considered the second safest by the survey institute. Because, this software is considered to have realized the encryption of backdoors for anyone difficult to hack. This encryption is considered the safest, even the government can't hack or break the contents of the chat in this messaging software.

3. Facetime

In addition to iMessage, this video call messaging software from Apple is also considered to be very safe in the Amnesty International version of the world. Your chat via the video call message software will certainly not be easily hacked or hijacked.

Institutions or people who want to hack the video call message software must have qualified skills. Because, until now there is still no one who can hack or hijack Facetime even through the 'back lane'.

4. Telegram

This application, which has a similar interface to WhatsApp, is also considered very safe by Amnesty International. Although the encryption feature is not set by default, you don't need to worry about your chat being easily hacked. The thing is, the encryption feature of Telegram is considered very safe, even any smart hacker will be troubled when hacking or stepping on a Telegram even through the back lane.

Fun, there are not a few encryption features that you can choose from in this Telegram. One of them is the lost message feature automatically alias self-destructing message that can be set how long the message can be accessed.

5. Allo

Newcomers to the world of instant messaging are also considered the safest by Amnesty International. Although including this new software has realized the end-to-end encryption feature.

Unfortunately, you still have to organize or activate the end-to-end feature before using. Similar to Chrome, the end-to-end encryption feature owned by Allo also carries the Incognito mode to protect chat around chatting.


Japanese messaging applications that are quite popular in Indonesia are also considered to be very safe messaging software in the world. With 200 million active users in all the world, LINE has offered end-to-end encryption features.

Although it's not as safe as other popular messaging software, users can easily recognize whether chat is safe by merely seeing whether in the upper left corner of the chat column next to your chat partner name there is a lock symbol.

That's the six message software that is considered the safest in the world by Amnesty International. Of the six software listed above, which message software are you using now? Share in the comments section below.

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