5 Applications that Can Make You Dans

5 Applications that Can Make You Dans

Playing games on a smartphone is one of the choices for the right activities to be carried out when it is saturated. However, if it turns out playing games on smartphones is too mainstream and boring for you, karaoke via a smartphone can be a fun option.

Yes, armed with software that you can install on a smartphone, you can karaoke to your heart's content to get rid of boredom. Well, if you need any recommendations for karaoke software that are suitable for you to install on your smartphone, then just look at the composition of the we.

1. Sing! Karaoke by Smule

The first karaoke application that is suitable for you to install to fulfill your free time is Smule. This application allows you to karaoke and work with hundreds of singers, aka other users. Even there are large communities if you want to meet directly with hobby friends together.

You just need to choose which song you want to sing and choose whether you want to sing it together with different users or sing yourself. Fun, you can share your recordings to other social media or simply save them for your own enjoyment.

This application is available in two versions, the pro version and the free version. The pro version of the software allows users to create cover videos and sing various songs marked with VIP by first paying an administrative fee of Rp. 48 thousand each week or Rp.117 thousand per month.

2. Karaoke Sing & Record by Yokee

Not like Sing! Software. from Smule, which requires the wearer to perform to be able to enjoy new songs, Karaoke Sing & Record from Yokee, releasing the wearer from having to pay. Because, Yokee uses a database of karaoke songs that number in the thousands from YouTube.

There are thousands of songs from many genres that you can sing here, ranging from pop songs, RnB, Hip-Hop, songs from the 90s, 80s, 70s, to the latest songs aka top 40. You can sing the whole song without worrying about puls reduced.

The way this software works is actually similar to Sing! Karaoke by Smule. You just need to choose a song, sing it, and record then share or save for your own enjoyment. But the difference is that shortly after the karaoke you will get as many prize points that can be collected to open a number of favorite songs that you want to sing later in the day.

3. SingPlay

Unlike other karaoke software, SingPlay utilizes the composition of songs in your smartphone's music library. Yes, the software will automatically process the songs in your smartphone playlist into music in karaoke or minus one format after you press the mic icon that is present on the right side of the song.

The application can actually display song lyrics when you karaoke, but with a list of lyrics from the music you play is in the application database. If the song playing the lyrics are not in the database, you can also add the lyrics manually via the Add Lyric feature.

4. The Voice: On Stage

This karaoke application from StarMaker Interactive does present a concept similar to the arena of searching for the famous talent The Voice. Yes, you will be invited to sing a song and create people amazed by your singing action.

But unlike karaoke software in general, this software will invite you not only to record the beauty of the sound. Yes, you also have to finish a song and hit each note that is present on the screen to get the best recording.

Please note, each recording created will be in the form of a video recording. You can share your karaoke videos with other social media so that not a few people know how beautiful your voice is. Interesting right?

5. Guitar Hero Live

Guitar Hero Live is actually a game that can only play guitar and makes you feel like Rockstar. However, some time ago the developer decided to submit additional features that allow users to karaoke when playing games.

In the latest version of this game, you will be able to act as a vocalist of a famous band. In addition to having to complete a number of missions to reduce the chord on the guitar properly, you must compose a song so that viewers are happy and entertained. Interesting right?

Although it does not provide recording features like other software, but by karaoke with instrumental techniques to be a vocalist will make your adrenaline spurred and enjoy the sensation of being a vocalist of the band who performed in a grand music show.

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